Tobias Langenhan

Division of General Biochemistry
Rudolf-Schönheimer-Institute of Biochemistry
University of Leipzig
Johannisallee 30
04103 Leipzig

(P) +49-341-9722100
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Research Interests
My group is much interested in the physiological and molecular aspects of Adhesion-GPCR signalling. We try to unravel, which stimuli Adhesion-GPCR sense, how they are activated and which role proteolytic processing of Adhesion-GPCR plays in this process. We primarily use Drosophila melanogaster as a genetic model to investigate these questions under in vivo conditions, but we also employ biochemistry, structural biology, biophysics and bioinformatics to dissect and characterise the physiological and molecular logic of Adhesion-GPCR signals.

Previous experimental results have connected latrophilin, an evolutionarily old member of the Adhesion-GPCR class, to synaptic function. In contrast, our recent studies on latrophilins demonstrated that latrophilin signalling is important for tissue polarity implicating latrophilin function in concerting developmental activities of large cell populations. We thus currently focus our investigations on the role of Adhesion-GPCR in the nervous system, but we are also interested in their functions in other organs such as heart and kidney.