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(A) Topology- and cleavage-based compartmentation of Adhesion-GPCR architecture. The protein layout of all Adhesion-GPCRs is marked by a three-partite structure consisting of ECD, 7TM domain, and ICD. Alternatively, Adhesion-GPCRs that undergo autoproteolysis also display a two-partite structure containing the NTF and the CTF. (B) The GAIN domain is a complex fold that mediates autoproteolysis and subsequent attachment of the cleaved NTF and CTF fragments. The domain is divided into two subdomains (A and B), of which the latter one is cleaved at the GPS located inside the GPS motif. Hence, the GAIN domain parts N-terminal to the GPS belong to the NTF, whereas the C-terminal portion is accommodated within the CTF. (From Langenhan et al., Sci Signal. 2013 May 21;6(276):re3)



Together with the IUPHAR nomenclature committee (NC-IUPHAR), the AGC has developed a new nomenclature for Adhesion-GPCRs. Several documents can be downloaded here:

A referenced list with the new Adhesion-GPCR nomenclature (April 2015)

A mail by Helgi Schiöth, board member of the AGC and corresponding member of NC-IUPHAR, explaining the proposed changes (September 2013)

A referenced list with Adhesion-GPCR names aggreed upon by the AGC in 2012/3 (April 2013)

The AGC strongly encourages the usage of this new nomenclature in all publications. For discussing the new nomenclature, please contact Helgi Schiöth