The Adhesion GPCR Consortium

The Adhesion GPCR Consortium (AGC) is an international, open network of laboratories interested in Adhesion GPCRs. Our specific aim is the promotion of scientific knowledge, particularly in the field of these nonclassical GPCRs. Our activities include meeting organization, generating a knowledge base for Adhesion GPCR research, and the exchange of trainees, graduate students, and postdocs.

Both private individuals and corporate entities of any nationality can apply for membership, on the condition that they take an interest in the activities of the AGC. There is no fee for membership in the AGC, and you will be free to withdraw at all times by sending a respective letter to the AGC Board.

The AGC offers regular membership for primary investigators of Adhesion GPCR-oriented labs and associate membership for graduate students and postdocs from otherwise non-Adhesion GPCRs labs or for newcomers to the field. We thus hope to encourage especially young scientists to enter the field and take an active part in its development.

Are you interested in joining the AGC?

If you would like to become a member of our community, please fill out this short survey. After we receive your response, a member of the board will be in touch with you soon.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the AGC!

Logo of the AGC

We encourage our members to use the logo of the AGC:

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